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Servicing Most Central & Northern NJ Medicaid/Private Insurance/Private Pay

We offer a variety of individually customized programs to address all your needs in the comfort of your home Pediatric (Age 0-21): Complete Physical Assessment, Medication Management & Administration, Tube Feedings, Catheters Care, Tracheostomy Care / Suctioning, Wound / Ostomy Care, Oxygen Therapy, Patient/Family Education, Coping Strategies/Emotional Support, Personal Hygiene Care. Our nurses are trained to deliver high tech shift care, care families love and greatly appreciate for.

Cardiac Rehabilitation: after Surgery care, Blood Pressure control, Swollen Legs, Shortness of Breath, Oxygen Administration & Equipment Care, Medications Management & Administration - our qualified RN Case Manager, Physical/Occupational Therapist and Home Health Aide will be able to assist as well as determine any complications, prevent ER visits & hospitalizations and ensure safe recovery. We will communicate with the physician, answer any questions and promptly address all concerns 24/7.

CHF: utilization of CHF pathways enables telemonitoring to become "alive". Qualified nurse not only performs function of the machine to measure patient's daily BP, Pulse, Wt, O2 and other values but is able to perform a comprehensive assessment of the patient to support those values with clinical findings, therefore, daily report can help a physician to make an accurate decision to whether treatment should be changed.

Diabetic: Management of Medications, Diet, Foot Care, Activities Daily Blood Glucose Checks prior to Insulin Administration by the Nurse with focus on preventing any potential complications while utilizing the latest advances in treatment and monitoring,

Dysphasia: Swallowing difficulties, Voice abnormalities, Transition from Feeding Tube to oral intake, all needed arrangements for Adaptive Devices , Aspiration Prevention

Balance/Orthopedic Rehabilitation: customized exercise program to assist with Dizziness/Difficulties with Coordination or Walking, Recovering after Fall , increased Weakness, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Surgical Procedure, or any other conditions affecting functional abilities. We will assist you in obtaining a Wheelchair, Walker or Motorized Equipment. Our highly skilled Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists will help to reach an optimal possible level of independence.

Pain Management: electrical Heating Devices, Manual Massage Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Tens Therapy and Medication Therapy. We will assist in learning Alternative Pain Management techniques to control pain and decrease possible medication side effects & avoid drug interactions.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy: administration and monitoring of IV Antibiotics, TPN, IVIG, selective CHEMO IV Therapy, Central/Port/PICC lines care. Response to treatment will be closely monitored by our experienced, specialty trained RN.

Other Services: A highly skilled care of clients with Suprapubic & Foley Catheters, Ostomies; Wound Care , Wound Vacs, Dressings Change; Education for Dietary/Nutritional needs all designed to increase independence and keep patients as healthy and happy as possible in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Medical Social Worker is available to utilize all available community resources to assist in selecting Insurance Plan that is right; arrange Assisting Living Facility or Nursing Home Placement
You can call us at any time to ask any questions or voice any concerns. Confident Care Corp. representative is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are always welcome to come to our office to meet and interview our staff.

We become your eyes and ears to help you address any needs.
Some insurance plans covers selective home health services 100% for qualified recipients
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